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Venue: AIR Gallery, 30 Grosvenor Rd, Altrincham WA14 1LD

Dates: 8 - 27 November 2019. Opening Party: 7th November, 2019. 6-9pm. Lumen Studios present an exhibition which focuses on natural light, coming from the Sun, Moon and Stars.

Works explore the properties of natural light, and use natural light within the creation process of the work. This exhibition aims to protect areas benefitting from natural light, whilst also providing an opportunity to appreciate celestial wonders that can be seen within an urban area such as Altrincham.

We will be running number of workshops during the exhibition run. Artists:

Anna Lilleengen Aki Poon Alan Jones Armelle Tulunda & Luke Harby Ellen Barratt Louise Beer & John Hooper Lucy May Schofield Kim Conway Kate Myers Lewis Andrews Michelle Kothari Melanie King Polly Palmerini Rebecca Huxley Rosie Burslem Shaney Barton Installation Photographs: Becky Wild, Lucy May Schofield

Events: Private View 07 November 6-9pm Free.

Print the Moon. 08 November 7-10pm.

Join Lumen Studios and astronomer Paul Hill for a Print The Moon event. Paul Hill will give a talk about the Moon and guide you to view the Moon through his telescope. Lumen will then help you take a photograph of the Moon and print your image using Polaroid Originals film. Tickets: £5, event ticket subsidised by funding from Arts Council England. Weather permitting.

Cyanotype Workshop 09 November 11AM - 1PM

Join Lumen Studios for a free cyanotype workshop using ultraviolet light from the Sun to create your own photographic print. We will use NASA images of the Sun to create our prints, but please bring along negatives and objects that you might like to use. Tickets: £5, event ticket subsidised by funding from Arts Council England.

Anthotype Workshop 09 November 2-4 PM

Join Lumen Studios to create your own anthotype emulsion. During the workshop, we will use spinach leaves, vodka and water to create a spinach paste, which will then be used to coat paper. You will then be able to take your coated paper home to expose for six hours under sunlight. Tickets: £5, event ticket subsidised by funding from Arts Council England.

Rosie will lead an open discussion and reading workshop for all ages based around specific texts that present themes of natural light, physical lightness and philosophical lightness. Preceding the event, participants will be sent extracts from various texts that explore these themes and symbols within their prose. These include novels such as Milan Kundera’s ‘Unbearable Lightness of Being’, Calvino’s ‘Cosmicomics’, Nabakov’s ‘Transparent Things’ and Yūko Tsushima’s ‘Territory of Light. During the event, these will then be analysed and discussed within the group. During/ after the discussion there will be an opportunity to write. This will be conducted through writing methods which will prompt experimental/art writing specifically in conjunction to themes of light and lightness.


AIR Gallery, 30 Grosvenor Rd, Altrincham WA14 1LD, United Kingdom. Find out more about AIR Gallery below.

AIR Gallery is part of A4 Studios CIC, a not-for-profit community group aimed at providing opportunities for disabled and low income artists. Their community hub provides work spaces for those with disabilities including those with physical impairments, mental health conditions and long term health problems. The gallery is volunteer led and hosts a diverse range of exhibition by emerging and early career artists throughout the North West and supports artists through paid commissions, exhibition opportunities and networking.

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