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Dates: 15-16 May 2018. 10-6pm. Opening Party: 14 May 2018. Venue: Morgue Project Space, CLG10, Chelsea College of Art, 16 John Islip St, Westminster, London SW1P 4JU

Artists: Victoria Doyle Jenny Akerlund Lisa Pettibone Laura Santamaria Louise Beer Melanie King Diego Valente Sharon Phelps

The International Day of LightSymposium and Exhibition – brings together academics, artists and curators, with the aim of generating a forum for discussion on the interdisciplinary role of light in contemporary arts. The event is thought in response to the global initiative, lunched by UNESCO, focused on the appreciation of light in society.

Considering the historical relevance of light in arts and the modern discoveries in the scientific field, the question of how light is interpreted by contemporary artists and practitioners has become a matter of interest: How do artists represent light? How do technology and scientific discoveries inform artistic practices? How is light experienced?

The symposium intends to reflect on the intersections between light and arts, theories and practices, technologies and social implications. The exhibition Day of light will present a choice of art-works that, reflecting upon innovative practices and light-based technologies, configure light in between the visible and the invisible.

With the purpose of addressing a discussion on the contemporary understanding of light, this one day-event will celebrate the role of light in arts and culture.

Key Notes: Dr. Junko Theresa Mikuriya, Garry Fabian Miller in conversation with Melanie King

Contributors: Fay Ballard, Kim Coleman, Maxence Effantin, Michaela French, Mariel A. García-Salinas, Maria Luigia Gioffre’, Dr. Cliff Lauson, Sandy Lee, Dr. Sharon Phelps, Peter Taylor, Tamara Tyrer, Robert Verrill, Sam Winston, Hao Zhang

Convened by Sara Buoso, PhD Candidate, Central Saint Martins, Melanie King, PhD student, Royal College of Arts, the Light PG Reading Group at UAL, LUMEN

The International Day of Light – Symposium and Exhibition hosted at the Chelsea Lecture Theatre, University of the Arts London, supported by UAL Postgraduate Community – Community Project Fund and the Arts Students’Union – Student Initiative Fund. Image Credit: Nyasha Takawira

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