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A group of like-minded art, astronomy and history enthusiasts visited Castel Gondolfo for a unique, once in a lifetime trip to Castel Gandolfo and the Vatican Observatory.

The trip centred around a rare private tour and Q&A at the Observatory with Chief Astronomer Brother Guy Consolmagno, renowned planetary scientist and author of "the book all astronomers wish they had written" - Turn Left at Orion - one of the greatest selling, most popular astronomy books of all time. Learn about his research to date and his perspectives on the relationship between science, religion and art, all whilst enjoying the majestic location.

In addition to this experience we took in the beautiful town of Castel Ganolfo, brimming with 17th century architecture, followed by exploration of the magnificent Lake Albano, which sits within two joined volcanic craters.

Dates: 1-3 August 2017

Trip cost: £250 Included:

  • Unique private Observatory tour and Q&A with world renowned astronomer with Brother Guy Consolmagno

  • Boat trip on Lake Albano

  • 2 nights accommodation with breakfast at a lovely central Hotel with pool and roof terrace

  • Welcome meal at traditional local restaurant

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